The firm

ZURBARÁN ABOGADOS, a national and multi-discipline firm is the result of the merger between  the firms RZS Abogados y Economistas, Zamora de Claver and Cuéllar Abogados and the attorneys José Manuel García-Quílez and Ricardo Astorga Morano. It is very active in the main sectors of Spanish economy and has offices in Madrid, Sevilla, and Zaragoza .

The founding partners of ZURBARÁN ABOGADOS, as well as García-Quílez and Astorga, are Adolfo and Miguel Cuéllar Portero (Cuéllar Abogados), Javier Romero Martínez-Cañavate and Jerónimo Zamora López (RZS), and Javier Romero Iribas and Ángel Zamora González de la Peña (Zamora de Claver), attorneys with a solid background and firmly established in their native places.

Their common connection is the performance of their profession with extreme accuracy from a  personal and traditional profile without incurring in any production automatisms.

This new step they take together represents, a favorable chance to offer clients a high value multidisciplinary service, benefiting from all the synergies produced and the extraordinary accrued experience.

ZURBARÁN ABOGADOS, from its three offices strategically located, will serve clients in the whole country, counting on more than 50 professionals.