Pablo Cadillá Álvarez-Dardet

Pablo Cadillá Álvarez-Dardet
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Professional experience

  • Pablo Cadillá, Degree in law from Universidad de Sevilla, Course 1993-1998 with a specialization in Private law.
  • Admitted to the bar of Sevilla in 1999, when he started his professional career to later join RZS in 2000.
  • Cadillà is also a Professor in Universidad Pablo de Olavide, in the Máster Superior de Abogacía.
  • He also collaborated with Escuela de Práctica Jurídica in the Bar association of Sevilla in the Civil Liability department.
  • Cadillà taught courses and participated to seminars related to his specializations.

Sectors of law

  • Pablo Cadillá: Insurance law.