Miguel Cuéllar Portero

Miguel Cuéllar Portero
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Professional experience

  • Miguel Cuéllar, Degree in law from Universidad de Sevilla, Course 1982-1987 with a specialization in Private law.
  • Admitted to the Bar association of Seville in
  • Cuellar has been a legal consultant of Universidad de Sevilla, of various city councils and public enterprises.
  • He taught courses and participated to seminars related to his areas of expertise.
  • He published numerous articles related to legal reviews in various media.
  • Chairman of the Legal Association A.I.E. «Guadaliuris», which gathers 28 law firms in
  • He has been exclusively practicing as a lawyer since 1988 when admitted to the Bar Association in Seville. First he joined his father’s firm, Mr. Adolfo Cuéllar Contreras, Esq. and then «Cuéllar Abogados» of which firm he was co.managing partner until 2010 when it turned into Cuéllar y Asociados Abogados S.L.P.

Sectors of law

  • Miguel Cuéllar besides being a partner of the firm manages the departments of Labour law and Administrative Law.