Juan José Martín Arahal

Juan José Martín Arahal
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Professional experience

  • Juan José Martín, degree in Law and in Corporate Management and Administration in Universidad Pablo de Olavide in 2010, taking an academic course in École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE)  of Parí
  • Admitted to the Seville Bar Association in 2010.
  • Admitted as a member to the Association of Certified Accountants of Seville in 2011.
  • LLM in Private Law Relations in Universidad de Sevilla in 2012.
  • LLM in Bankruptcy Management, Economical Reorganization and Insolvency in Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and in the Certified Accountants Association of Madrid in
  • Amongst other specialization courses, Mr. Martin took a specialization course in Corporate law in Instituto Cajasol de Sevilla in 2016.
  • He started his professional carrier as an attorney in the law firm Garrigues, and then joined the Sevilla office of Zamora de Claver in 2012. Since 2017 Mr. Martin practices in the Madrid office.
  • He has been Lecturer of Procedural Law in the Máster Superior de Asesoría y Defensa Jurídica in Universidad Pablo de Olvide and Lecturer of Bankruptcy law in the Máster de acceso a la Abogacía in Universidad de Navarra.

Sectors of law

  • Juan José Martín: Civil law and Commercial law.