Juan Francisco Vallejo Quirós

Juan Francisco Vallejo Quirós
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Professional experience

  • Juan Francisco Vallejo, graduated in Law in Universidad de Huelva in 2010.
  • Admitted to the Bar Association of Seville in 2011.
  • After achieving the LLM of Máster Superior en Abogacía of Universidad Pablo de Olavide, and as a result of the Master’s sponsorship by RZS, he joined said firm in September 2010, where he started his career.
  • Vallejo collaborated as a Professor in the Máster Superior de Abogacía and in Major courses of Specialization in Arbitration and Bankruptcy law of Universidad Pablo de Olavide.
  • His professional practice mainly takes place in litigation, for the most part in cases related to Civil, Commercial and Criminal Law.

Sectors of law

  • Juan Francisco Vallejo: Commercial law and Civil law.