Elia Hernández Borrego

Elia Hernández Borrego
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Professional experience

  • Elia Hernández, Degree in law from Universidad de Sevilla, Course 1993-1998 with a specialization in Private law.
  • Admitted to the Bar Association of Seville in 2005.
  • After graduating from Law School Ms. Hernandez was preparing competitive state exams to access the Judicial and Prosecutor position
  • She joined RZS in 2004. Later she practiced (always as an attorney) in Bores y Cía Abogados Src, in Commercial, Civil and Bankruptcy law.
  • Ms Hernandez was a legal consultant for two important companies in the construction and healthcare fields.
  • She taught classes of Civil, Procedural and Comercial law in the Máster Superior de Abogacía of Universidad Pablo de Olavide, as well as in Escuela de Negocios de Sevilla.

Sectors of law

  • Elia Hernández: Civil law and Criminal law (Financial crimes).