Antonio Cadillá Álvarez-Dardet

Antonio Cadillá Álvarez-Dardet
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Professional experience

  • Antonio Cadillá, Degree in law from Universidad de Sevilla, Course 1989-1994 with a specialization in Private law.
  • Admitted to the bar of Sevilla in 1996.
  • Has started the legal profession as an intern in 1996 with Jerónimo Zamora and after the founding of the firm RZS in 1998 as an associate, to then become a partner in 2009 .
  • Cadillà was a professor in the Máster Superior de la Abogacía, of the Universidad Pablo de Olavide of which the firm is an official sponsor. He was Coordinator of the Civil law and Procedural law sector and a member of the Quality Committee.
  • Cadillà taught courses and participated in seminars related to his areas of expertise.

Sectors of law

  • Antonio Cadillá: Real Estate Law, Labour law and Criminal law.