Commercial law

Commercial law

Secretary services of listed and unlisted companies of public, private and mixed capital, associations and foundations, as secretary non member. Establishment, dissolution and liquidations of companies and joint ventures and fulfillment of all kinds of bylaws amendments. Planning and fulfillment of companies’ operations: mergers, spin-offs, parcial or global acquisitions or changes, amongst other things. Full consultation in acquisitions or sales of companies including legal auditing or Due Diligence. Planning and drafting of family agreements and every kind of shareholders agreements. Total support to the entrepreneur and planning and fulfillment of common figures in the field of start ups and spin offs (phantom shares, vesting clauses, etc). Legal counseling in judicial proceedings related to challenging of Decisions of Board of Directors or of General Meetings, proceedings of liability of Directors and every other kind of judicial or arbitration proceedings related to corporate law.

Planning and drafting of every kind of distribution, franchising, agency, lease agreements etc.

Planning and drafting of legal structures in the sale, purchase, investment and management of real estate projects including Due Diligence proceedings in real estate. Full consult throughout all the promotion and building processes. Project financing activities and drafting of related  contracts for the financing and sale of real estate projects.

Integral advisory services in debts re-negotiation processes and novation agreements. Integral counseling services to debtors in the pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy planning phases. Legal counseling on bankruptcy proceedings and of all types of insolvency proceedings. Appeal against bankruptcy proceedings and liability proceedings related to bankruptcy and consult related to directors liability during bankruptcy proceedings. Representation and defense of creditors rights in bankruptcy proceedings. Consultation on investments in active and passive bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.

Nullity of base clauses in mortgages. Levy of executions. Swaps or financial contracts and other products. Full consultation in bank contracts and related negotiations.