Currently in Spain the topic of compliance is still not very renowned.  At the same time, there being a lot still to do in order for the society to understand the need of such matter, it is quite urgent for Spanish companies to implement said subject and at the same time to include it into their departments.

The so called “Compliance culture”  marks the economical, political and corporate identity of a country. The different attitude lies between creating and constructing evidence for the defense or simply collecting evidence of previous compliance checks. Given the fact that in the criminal  side of the matter there is a higher challenge of evidence even higher than other jurisdictions, we need to reinforce the evidence either chronologically and contents-wise.

TheCompliance Officer,  which is a new category of the corporate world, mainly unknown, now reaches Spanish Companies after the approval of the Reform of the Criminal Code by the House of Parliament. Said figure represents an instrument of supervision and control oriented to prevent the commission of crimes, which, at the moment, is a specific need after Criminal Liability of companies and new discipline related to death penalty has been introduced after establishment of sanctions including company dissolution.

Said measures, have to be applied in all Spanish companies irrespective of their size, since it has to be implemented in their employees structure or by hiring external professionals in order to comply with said Law.

Big companies as well as medium size businesses have to consider the obligation to have their own Compliance Officer, in their own employee structures or hiring an external professional service which is undoubtedly the best and the most practical solution for small and medium size businesses. It is essential to remember that in any case,irrespectively of the size of the company, the tasks of Compliance officers are crucial since, apart from offering assistance, coordination and flanking all the business areas, final decisions have to be agreed with said figure.

Through this page we put a Claim page at disposal of all parties, with the purpose of letting the company acknowledge facts or conducts which might imply a criminal liability for the same company.

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